Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Through the Tunnel.

After posting our blog last night we were visited by a man from British Waterways, who asked us if we would like to ascend the flight of locks that evening. It was a lovely evening so we agreed to do so. It was around 20-00hrs when we arrived at the tunnel portal,we were shocked to see how small it was.
This morning the team arrived from British Waterways, to check the boat measurements to make sure we could get through. Our turn to enter the tunnel came at 10-45hrs, we were on our way, complete with chaperon to guide us through. On the map it shows as a straight line, however it is far from being straight. The width and height varied quite alot, it was an interesting journey which took us 2hrs.All the time the three boats are traveling through the tunnel a member of the BW team drives through the disused rail tunnel that runs along side us and monitors our progress. We can also hear the trains as they go through their tunnel, which crosses the canal tunnel twice.
Tonight we are moored 11 locks down from the tunnel at lock 31. Unfortunately we are stuck here waiting for BW to repair a cill on lock 29 which got damaged today due to low water. The pictures are one going up to the tunnel, the tunnel entrance and two from tonight's mooring.

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