Wednesday, 1 July 2009

On the move again.

This morning we walked back up the locks to Marsden, on the way back we had a look at the reservoir which is very low. We were just about to have lunch when two men from BW came to say the repair had been done and we could continue our journey. They worked the locks from 31 to 27, at the entrance to 27 Marlene squeezed past the boat that was coming up when the damage was done. After that we were on our own. As I worked down the locks Marlene followed with the boat. Coming out of lock 23 we were passing through Slaithwaite(pronounced Slouit in these parts). Passing right through the centre to lock 22 we dropped down to the visitor moorings and stopped for the night. After our evening meal we walked round town,calling at the Shoulder of Mutton for a pint of Black Sheep(Marlene had 1/2 a shandy).Back to the boat for a quiet evening, a long day ahead tomorrow.

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