Wednesday, 29 June 2011

On to the Staffs and Worcester Canal.

It was a hot Sunday as we started up the River Seven, we had dropped down the Diglis locks with NB Conisborough. It took us five hours to complete the 12 mile and 3 locks to Stourport on Seven. The 3 locks were operated by BW lock keepers. We decided to moor for the night on the river,we would lock into the Basin in the morning. Getting up on Monday I noticed the river was flowing rather fast,after breakfast I set the first two locks(the first of two, two lock staircases)while Marlene brought Doublefracture round from the mooring turning into the lock against the flow. Going through the basin we then locked up onto the Staffs and Worcester canal. Travelling out of Stourport into the country and moored for the rest of the day.
On Tuesday morning we cruised into Kidderminster to do some shopping before travelling on to Wolverley mooring just above the lock. Wolverley is a quaint little village with one house built into the rock. A visit to ST John the Baptist Church was a real pleasure, the brick built church was above the village.
This morning we moved on to Kinver another nice village with a good high street, unfortunately a lot of the shops were closed, half day.Along this stretch of canal there have been some lovely rock sides to some locks(see Photo's). The other two pictures are Stourport Basin and Wolverley village.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

A pair of National Trust Houses.

It was warm and sunny on Tuesday morning,so at 9-30am we started to descend the 30 locks of the Tardebigge flight. By 1-30pm we had arrived at the bottom lock a descent of 217ft. We moored for the night and went for a short walk before our evening meal.
The weather was still warm and sunny on Wednesday morning when we did a further 12 locks dropping another 84ft. Mooring at the bottom of the 12th lock we had lunch then walked across the fields to Hanbury hall a National Trust house. Like all the houses we have visited it was a nice afternoon out, the gardens were beautiful(see photo's).Before mooring for the night we moved on passing the entrance to the Droitwich canal then mooring just past bridge 34.
First thing Thursday morning I tightened the belt on the engine as it had been making a slapping noise. After an early morning shower the day was cloudy but warm,so we moved on through the 230yrd Dunhampstead tunnel to the visitor mooring at Tibberton. Arriving there I regognized it as the place we had had a picnic at the side of the canal on our way back from Cornwall a few years before.
On Friday we passed under the M5 motorway and down the Offerton Flight of 6 locks(a 42ft drop) and entered the outskirts of Worcester, stopping at bridge 10 to do some urgently needed shopping. We then went into Worcester and moored at the Commandery. This building used to be a hospital founded by Bishop Wulstan in 1085. It also served as Charles 11s headquarters before the battle of Worcester in 1651.
Today we visited Greyfriars another National Trust property, then later we Visited the Cathedral and climbed the 325 steps to the top of the tower, the view was magnificent. We are staying by the Commandery for a second night, then dropping down the 2 locks at Diglis Basin on to the River Seven. As well as pictures of where we have been I have added a couple of pictures of flowers from our roof garden.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Cadbury World.

As we were having breakfast on Thursday morming we were passed by Best of Mates,owned by Jennifer and Graham who we see quite often on our travels. Leaving Birmingham we cruised back to Kings Norton Junction. At the junction we headed toward Worcester. Just short of a mile from Kings Norton we came to Wast Hill Tunnel a two way tunnel at a length of 2726yds,it was wet inside. Mooring at Hopwood we waited for Pamela,Nathan and Archie to arrive on Friday evening. On Saturday we all went to Cadbury World, as we presented our tickets we were given a Crunshie and a Curlywurly each. Later as we passed through the History of chocolate and Cadbury we entered the packing area and recieved a bar of Dairy Milk. It was a great day out with even more chocolate than I have mentioned, some in warm liquid form. At the end of the tour you arrive at the shop where you are tempted to buy more chocolate. On Saturday evening we had a meal at the Hopwood house Inn which was next to the mooring. On Sunday morning we cruised down the canal to Alverchurch where we did some shopping before returning to Hopwood so our visitors could collect their car and return home. This morning we left Hopwood after turning the boat and once again cruised pest Alverchurch then through two more tunnels,one 613yds long and the second 580yds. I am writing this moored at the top of Tardebrigge locks(all 30 of them) ready to decend in the morning.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Trouble with the blog.

Since I wrote my last posting last Friday I have been unable to publish it. This evening I got in touch with son Stephen who got it published. On Saturday we moved on to Kingswood Junction. We didn't move on Sunday due to heavy rain. First thing Monday morning we started up the Lapworth Flight 19 locks in the day mooring for the night at Hockley Heath. We finally found a hardware shop so I bought sand paper and paint and we did some work. Yesterday we moored opposite Lyons boatyard near bridge three. Thinking we would have a night out we went to the Horseshoe pub, big mistake we had a quick pint and returned to the boat. Must be the shortest night out in history. Today we traveled Gas Street in Birmingham calling at Cadbury World to book for Saturday.Pictures taken in Gas Street.

Friday, 10 June 2011

An unexpected swim.

Yes, I know it's the 10th June not the 1st, but on our return to Warwick we decided to leave the boat for a week in the Saltisford Arm while we went up to Yorkshire to visit Mother. If you are near Warwick any time and need to leave your boat, there is no better place. You get the first night free then £4 a night for the rest of your stay. The manager of the moorings is a very pleasant man who is always willing to help.
In the week we were away with our Granddaughter two things happened, while moored at Long Itchington we were passed by the old working boat President and its butty Kildare. The second thing was Marlene got the hang of moving up the locks as a pair while going up Stockton Locks with the narrow boat More Contented See Pictures.

So yesterday we left the mooring and set off up the Hatton Flight of 21 locks. We were lucky and joined up with Sue & Barry on their boat As It Comes, they had already done two locks at the Cape. All went well, then at about the half way point Marlene slipped while leaving the lock and fell of the back of the boat. Barry taken by surprise managed to get both boats to the side,not an easy task. Mean while Marlene swam to the bank where she was helped out by some BW workmen who were working at the lock, this was lucky as it took me some time to get round from the other side of the lock.
Shaken but other wise unharmed we got her back on board for a shower followed by a nice cop of tea, good old tea. Myself, Sue and Barry then carried on up the locks. after about three more locks Marlene rejoined us for the final push to the top. My thanks to every body who helped and for the patience of the other boaters coming down the flight while we got sorted out.
Once at the top Marlene and I stopped for lunch while Sue and Barry carried on. We caught up with them at Turners Green Bridge where we all moored for the Night.
Today we are having a quiet day while Marlene gets over her ordeal.