Monday, 15 June 2009

Slow Progress.

Shallow water on the Macclesfield canal is making progress quite slow. On the bright side the scenery is well worth looking at. We left Oakgrove swing bridge this morning and cruised up to Macclesfield town where we stopped for a look at the shops. The town centre was alot bigger than we expected with a good selection of shops and a nice indoor market.
After lunch we set off once again still heading for Marple locks. This should have been easy in the day with no locks, however at 17-30 hours we moored at High Lane, two mile short of Marple. As I said progress was slow.
Since my blogg on Saturday we did two walks From Oak grove, one on Saturday evening when we walked round Sutton reservoir and one on Sunday evening when we walked over the fields in the opposite direction and came back on the road.The rest of Sunday was spent varnishing the curtain rods and reading,a quiet Sunday.
Today's pictures are: A street in Macclesfield, The swing bridge and The mooring at Oakgrove.

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