Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stone-A Canal Town.

After a pleasant weekend we left Weston-upon-Trent headed for Stone.We had two locks that morning, at the second it got quite busy. While waiting our turn I got talking to a man on the boat that was going up the lock. He told me that the Leeds and Liverpool canal had restricted movement because of water shortages. We had already heard that the Rochdale canal were having water problems(normal for the Rochdale). That leaves the Huddersfield Narrow, choices were getting smaller. In Stone we found a mooring just below Star lock and the adjacent Star Inn. Stone has had a canal since 1771 largely due to Josiah Wedgwood who wanted it to bring in raw materials and ship out his finished pottery. The Star Inn was fully licenced in 1819 although the building was there 200years prior to that. As a town it had most things we needed, a Laundrette, a large supermarket and a barber and hairdresser for Marlene. We took full advantage of them all.It was a quiet and peaceful Monday night.
Tuesday,we decided to stay in Stone for another day and night. In the morning we took a leisurely stroll round town, it was market day, not a large market but adequate. After lunch I prepared dinner then relaxed until we went to the Star to try the local brew, Well it wouldn't be polite not to,would it?
Just back from the Star, a quaint old fashioned pub, plenty of atmosphere.

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