Monday, 28 June 2010

Still Here.

Since my last posting we moved to Branston on the Wednesday, then on the Friday Pamela, Nathan and Archie arrived to take us to the hospital in Burton for our ops. We booked in at 1-30pm and we left at 5-15pm feeling quite well but a little sore.On Saturday we went to the Open Gardens in Barton by car and had a very nice day. Then on Sunday afternoon we took the boat up to Barton Turns to water up for the week, turned round ,went back to Branston where we stayed for the week. We had to do this because we had to have complete rest. The only problem with Branston is we can't get on line, this is why I have not done a posting for so long. While there we were visited by our friends Vivian and David in their new boat First Fruits. It has been a year since we had last seen them so we had alot to catch up on. when we saw them last they were waiting for their boat to be build. In the evening we had a night out at the Bridge Inn, next to the mooring.
This Sunday Pamela, Nathan and Archie returned to move us to Willington for our second weeks rest. Nathan took the boat down with Marlene, while Pamela,Archie and me went by car via the hospital because my wound had started to bleed again. This was not a problem I was told, just put on a dressing and continue to rest.
So we are now moored at Willington until we are fit to move the boat ourselves, which should be around 3 weeks time.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Interesting weekend.

Over the weekend we finished the jigsaw and moved down to Willington. On Monday morning we decided to go on another National Trust day out. Between us we decided on Calke Abbey in Derbyshire. So at 10 past 10 on Monday morning we went to catch the 10.23 bus into Derby. It arrived at 11-23 just in front of the 11-23 bus, the driver said it was his fault. The driver then decided to go a more direct route, leaving the 11-23 to follow the scheduled route picking up passengers.
This proved to be a good move for us, as we arrived in Derby in time to catch the bus to Calke Abbey where we alighted at Ticknall where our National Trust handbook said we should. There it said we would have a half mile walk through park land. This done we arrived at the gate to the Abbey, where the man on the gate told us the house was another mile to a mile and a half further on. We had walked a short distance when we were given a welcome lift. By the time we reached the house we were ready for a drink and something to eat, this we had in a lovely little cafe. After lunch we went to start our tour of the house. It was an interesting house which had been made safe by the trust but not restored fully. The tour ended with a walk through a tunnel connecting the house with the brew house. By this time it was time for us to start our walk back to the bus stop, this time there was no lift. On the way back into Derby the hospital phoned to say the date for our minor operations would be Friday the 18th, providing we had two people to stay with us after the op. A phone call was made to Pamela and she agreed her and Nathan would come over to collect us from the hospital and stay with us. Today the date was confirmed.
This will be the second time Marlene and I have been in hospital together, hope it's not going to become a habit. So we are now making our way back to Branston to meet Pamela and Nathan and of couse little Archie. Tonight we are moored at Shobnal Fields where we are normally moored by our selves, but tonight there are another seven boats here.

Friday, 11 June 2010

The Yorkshire Rose.

It was another noisy night next to the A38 on Monday, so on Tuesday we moved on but not until the rain stopped. We arrived at Branston just before the rain came back. In the evening the sun finally came out and we walked round the lake. On Wednesday we stayed at Branston. When the weather cleared I took the opportunity to put two Yorkshire Roses on the side of Doublefracture. We bought then from a Graphics boat while we were at Alrewas. While still at Alrewas I had put two on the first side, now both sides were complete. Moored in front of us at Branston were a couple from Sheffield, They were telling us about their mooring at Shardlow. It sounds OK, perhaps we will look into Mooring there in the future, if we can get a place.
Thursday morning was wet again so we spent some time trying to finish the jigsaw we have been doing, however its all sky that is left so it is taking some time. In the afternoon we moved down to Shobnal Fields ready to go to the hospital for the results of some biopsies I had done. I'm pleased to say they were negative, good news. We aim to stop here again tonight, then head back down to Willington tomorrow.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Queues at Fradley Junction.

Finally after a week I've managed to get on the net. On the Tuesday after my rant we moved down the Coventry Canal as far as Huddlesford Junction where we turned round, then moored for the night on a 24hr mooring. Meanwhile Stephen had phoned to say he would be calling to see us on his way back down the country. So early Wednesday morning we set off heading back to Alrewas to meet him. The early start was so we would pass through Fradly Junction before it got too busy. The best laid plans and all that, when we got there there were three boats waiting to go down the lock in front of us. With mooring room for only two boats we found our selves holding the boat mid canal and trying not to block the junction. Two hours later we cleared the last off the Fradley locks and cruised down into Alrewas. Around five o clock Stephen arrived. On Thursday Marlene and I went into Lichfield to do some shopping, while Stephen had a well earned rest. Since leaving Reading he had done around 1000 mile, getting as far as Ripon in North Yorkshire. On Friday Stephen left on the last leg of his journey back to Reading, Marlene and I stayed on at Alrewas until this morning. On the Saturday we took the bus to Sudbury Hall (a National Trust property) as we travel free on the buses and being National Trust members it was a cheap day out. before leaving Sudbury we also paid a visit to the village fete. As is our habit Sunday was a quiet day at the boat, good food, good wine and a chance to watch the wild life. One of the pictures is off Moorhen chicks that came floating by on some reeds. I spent some time watching mum coming and going with food for them.
This morning we left Alrewas and are now moored opposite Barton Marina after collecting some mail and a new gas bottle.The other two pictures are approaching the lock at Alrewas and Sudbury Hall.