Thursday, 26 April 2012

Welcome to Britain in drought.

On Saturday we finally made the decision to move on, so dropping down Dallow Lock we made our way to the service point to top up our water tank. As I pulled into the service point I separated a mother duck from her ducklings. The. Commotion this caused was unbelievable. I held the boat steady until they were reunited. The rest of the day was uneventful with us mooring for the might at bridge twenty five. It was Monday morning before we moved on to Willington. We moored opposite the dragon pub which has been refurbished since our last visit to Willington. Marlene made an appointment at the hairdressers for Thursday lunch time and after her appointment we called in the Dragon to see what had been done. It was a very wet day on Thursday so we decided to stay another night. This morning was a better day so we cast of and made our way toward Shardlow where we are meeting Pamela on Sunday. At Stenson lock we were joined by a hire boat from Sawley. Ironically they informed Marlene that the River Trent was in flood, so they would have to leave the boat at Shardlow and be picked up by the boat yard.we are now moored by bridge thirteen. I checked on the waterscape website and sure enough the flood lock at Sawley is closed until further notice. Welcome to Britain in drought.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Three short moves.

Time to move on again on Wednesday,although we didn't go far. Arriving at Branston lock we were delayed due to a blocked paddle. There was a team from British waterways trying to sort it out. Eventually though the queues above and below the lock were getting bigger so they let us through. We moored a little further on so we could walk to Carpet Wright to buy a new carpet for our bedroom. Returning to the boat we had lunch then I fitted the carpet,the hardest part was opening it out in such a small space. On Thursday we took the bus into Burton and did some shopping and collect my prescription,however true to form Boots were short of one item. Early Friday morning we moved the boat to Shobnal(a mere ten minutes down the canal)and walked to Boots to collect the missing item. On the way back we called at B&Q for some more paint and some wood to make some book shelves. We have books all over the boat. Before moving a little further to Shobnal Fields I went to Shobnal marina for some gas. While there I discovered that the man who tiled our shower last March had gone into receivership. Mooring at Shobnal Fields I painted did the first coat on the other side gunwale,then it rained.This morning before breakfast I gave it a second coat,and it rained. It's looking brighter now the rain was only a short sharp shower. We have to decide if we should move on today or tomorrow,decisions, decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

One of my favourite moorings.

First thing Saturday morning we called in at the Marina to see about a parcel we were expecting,but it hadn't arrived. Dropping down the lock at Barton Turns,we watered up before carrying on to moor at Branston. This is one of my favourite moorings along this stretch of the Trent and Mersey. As you look out over the canal the view is of a wooded hillside with a scattering of buildings in between, the most impressive being Dunstall Hall. On the mooring sde you have Branston Water park to walk round,altogether a pleasant mooring. In the evening we walked over to the new Harvester restaurant and had a very nice meal.walking back we called in for a drink at the Blacksmiths Arms. Sunday was a quiet day where nothing much happened,except for the boat that hit us at the stern. Catching the bus on Monday morning we went back into Barton for my doctors appointment, all went well with my annual check up. Calling back at the marina only to find the parcel still hand't arrived so we asked them to return it to sender if it came. Today Marlene caught up with the washing while I gave the gunwale it's third coat of paint. We are still moored at Branston enjoying the bright sunny days, even with the showers.

Friday, 13 April 2012

It's a small world.

I didn't moor in Fradley on my way back to the Marina, instead I carried on to Alrewas, ofcouse I had no signal there to do another posting. The following day I arrived back at the Marina and was so busy making arrangements to return to Pamela's I clean forgot to keep you up to date. The next week we spent with Pamela,Archie and the new baby as Nathan had no time off until good Friday. We finally returned to the boat on Thursday the 5th of April. That night Marlene and I went to the Thia restaurant on the Marina to celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary. On Sunday the 8th we left the Marina heading for Alrewas. Being Easter Sunday it was busy with boats going in both directions, at the first lock( Wychnor lock)we had to queue to get through. Sometime this is a good thing as it gives you time to talk to other boaters and find out about any problems in other areas. We decided not to go all the way to Alrewas and moored just above Wychnor Lock for the night. It rained all day Monday so we stopped where we were,we were in no hurry as we are killing time until the 16th when I have a doctors appointment in Barton for my annual Asthma check up. Next morning we completed the journey and moored above the lock in Alrewas. A sunny morning on Wednesday persuaded me to touch up the paint on the gunwale. Sometime in the future I will have to do the other side.Leaving the mooring yesterday morning we went through to the winding hole at the other end of the village to turn round,we were not alone three more boats did the same. Arriving back at the lock we once more joined the queue. Last night we moored between bridge 39 and the Marina. As I was writing this the people who helped us when Marlene fell in last year have just past us in their boat As it Comes,it's a small world.