Saturday, 13 June 2009

Twelve Locks.

A good breakfast was needed this morning before facing the twelve locks of the Bosley flight. We started at 09-25hrs and would finish at 12-45hrs.At the seventh lock we met a men who moors at our old mooring at Fox narrow boats. At the side of the eleventh and twelfth lock there was a vintage car fair taking place. There was no room to moor at the top of the locks so we carried on to our intended over night stop at the Royal Oak swing bridge. On arrival at the swing bridge I was assisted in its operation by a lady who was traveling in the opposite direction. It took us some time to get both boats through, the motorists who had to wait for us to finish did not look impressed. Having moored we went for a pre-dinner drink. To our dismay the Royal Oak pub was now called The fools Nook.
Yesterday we had had a quiet day with only one lock between the start of the Maccelsfield Canal and the bottom of the Bosley flight and that had only been a rise of a foot.The only other occurrence of the day was when I had a fight with a tree and lost the television ariel.So we are having a satellite dish fitted. More about that Tuesday.

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