Monday, 29 June 2009

Waiting at Wool road.

Around 08-30hrs staff from British Waterways unlocked lock 24w so we could go up to the tunnel. we were second to start the climb, however we only got as far as the second lock. The boat in front could not get the third lock to fill, more water was leaking from a faulty ground paddle. They informed BW who sent out a crew. at the same time we were told to return to the bottom of the flight. This was the second time we have had to go down locks in reverse. Back at the bottom we sat waiting for news. Apparently when the crew drained the lock and pound the paddle was so badly damaged it had to be replaced. It is now 14-00hrs and we are still waiting.
At 15-00hrs we were unofficially told that it was fixed and we would go up tomorrow morning at 08-30hrs. A little later I received a phone call from the tunnel manager confirming this. Time to settle down for another night at the Wool Road visitor moorings

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