Monday, 8 November 2010

Return to Barton Marina.

Our plan was to move up to Alrewas come Saturday, after catching up on washing and shopping. Than on Friday we discovered that the whole section from Barton lock to Wychnor lock was to close today until the 26th of this month. This would mean we would be stuck at Alrewas for nearly a month. This would make getting rid of rubbish in this time impossible, as there are no bins in Alrewas. With this in mind I phoned Barton Marina where we were due to over winter from the 1st of December and asked if we could go in early. They kindly agreed, so on Saturday morning we entered the marina for the winter. This is the end of our second season, in which we visited the southern rivers and canals. To sum up, the Thames was a pleasure to cruise even the tidal section from Brentford to Teddington Lock. We had mixed feelings about the Kennet and Avon canal. There is some lovely scenery and some nice places. On the down side it is hard work in parts and some of the locks neared some work to make them work as they should, add to this the sections that are down to the width of one narrowboat due to over grown reeds. If something isn't done soon we will loose this canal and that would be a great shame. The Oxford canal was a chance to relax again after clearing the lines of permanently moored boats from Sheepwash to Dukes Cut. I know this makes money for British Waterways but too many spoil a nice canal. So now it's baton down the hatches and sit out the bad weather until March, when once again we will leave Barton and do all the little bits in the Midlands that we have missed, Like the Caldon, Sratford on avon, Worcester an Biirmingham canals and of course the BCN.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Trip to Yorkshire.

Alot of dashing about since my last posting. We left Barton Turns on the Saturday and went down to Shobnell Marina, where we got a quote for our shower re-tiling and an extractor fan putting in the bathroom. Then we moored at Shobnal Fields so we could meet our son Richard and grandson Aaron at Burton on Trent station on Sunday, they were stopping with us till the Wednesday. On Monday we went down to Willington, returning to Shobnal on the Tuesday. After Richard and Aaron had left on the 11-27 from Burton, Marlene and I took the Doublefracture back up to Barton turns.

Then on the Thursday we took a train from Burton to Wakefield, then a bus to my mothers in Allerton Bywater. More visiting on Friday when we went across to Featherstone to see Marlene's sisters. After a quiet day with mother on Saturday, and a visit from my sister Carol and her partner, complete with Halloween masks(see picture) we went out for a meal with my sister Jennifer and her husband. A restful Sunday then on Monday morning we took a bus to Leeds, then the number 36 to Ripon via Harogate to see Richard and Gill and the other Grandchildren(Louise, Luke,Megan & Duncan) Returning to mothers on Tuesday. Thank goodness for free bus passes.

That leaves today, when once again we took to the buses and trains and returned to the boat.

Friday, 22 October 2010

A nightout at Hopwas.

On Monday morning Marlene had the tooth removed at Atherstone Dental Surgery. That done we were on our way again, we did seven of the eleven Atherstone locks before mooring for the night. We woke to a sunny morning on Tuesday so we took advantage of the good weather. Completing the remaining four locks we carried on to Polesworth where we did some shopping and had lunch. After a shower as we had lunch we set of for our night mooring at Alvercote. Just before we moored the rain came again but quite heavy this time. A heavy frost greeted us next morning, so before leaving we stocked up on coal at the near by marina. It proved to be a nice day once the sun got some strength. Topping up water at Fazley Junction, we then carried on to Hopwas, mooring at lunch time. In the evening we went to the Tame Otter for a night out. While stood at the bar I nearly spoke to the man at the side of me as I thought it was my old mate Lewis. Just as I was about to say hello he turn toward me and I realised it wasn't him, could have been embarrassing but the resemblance was uncanny.

Yesterday we did the last section of the Coventry Canal and stayed the night at Fradley. We are now moored at Barton turns where Marlene checked with the marina that they were expecting us on the 1st December for our three month winter mooring, they were. The picture is the entrance to the Tame Otter.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nighttime Movemennt.

Another week since my last posting,Pamela and Marlene didn't return to the boat on the Monday. The scan was put off until Tuesday so I went to Pamela's and stayed till Friday. In the event everything was OK, all she needed was a course of antibiotics.

We returned in the morning of Friday after shopping on the way. After lunch Pamela and Nathan took Archie to see In the Night Garden Live in Birmingham, Marlene and I took the boat through Bedworth, past the junction with the Ashby Canal and moored for the night at bridge 16 just before Nuneaton. Yesterday we cruised through Nuneaton until we arrived at the Anchor Inn near Hartshill Quarry, bridge 29. Lunch time we had a couple of pints and a sandwich in the pub. Around 9-o clock in the evening a number of boats past with lights blazing, then again at 5-o clock this morning more boats past. It is not usual to travel in the dark so it got us wondering if they new of an unscheduled stoppage at Atherstone. With that in mind we moved on to Atherstone this morning, on arrival I checked the noticeboard but nothing to say about stoppages so we will stay over night then Marlene can see if she can see a Dentist again as her tooth is giving her pain again. Sorry no photo's today, will try to get back to normal now we are moving again.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

A week ashore.

Since my last blog we moved from Fenny Conpton to Napton bottom lock, where we moored for a week while we went to Pamela's. This is the first time we have left the boat for that long without putting it in a marina. At the end of the week we returned and Pamela and Archie came to stay. This was so Pamela could rest after a minor op to remove a lump from her tummy. On Monday the 3rd October we left Napton and moved down to Braunston, topping up with diesel on the way.

Tuesday morning we headed for the locks at Hillmorton but in the end we moored at the top of the locks, leaving the decent until Wednesday. We were just coming into the third and last lock when the heavens opened. It was short lived but we still got very wet. Mooring that night just outside Rugby at Newbold Quarry Park, staying two nights. We were having trouble with the power and suspected the leisure batteries were not holding their charge.

Passing through Newbold Tunnel on Friday morning(this is lit with Purple and green lights see picture) we called at Rose Narrow Boats at Stretton Stop and bought new batrrieds, then moved on to Ansty where I connected the new batteries, this seems to have done the trick. In the evening Nathan came to pick up Pamela Archie and Marlene as Pamela was having alot of discomfort around the op site. They went off to Peterborough hospital to have it checked out. I spent the night alone on the boat. This morning I moved down to Hawksbury Junction and moored on the seven day moorings. It seems i will be here by myself till Monday because Pamela has to have a scan, hopefully every thing will be ok and they will return to the boat.

So that brings you up to date, this is the first day I've been able to get on the Internet since Fenny Compton. Her's hoping things will get better from here.

Friday, 24 September 2010

From River to Canal.

On Sunday and Monday we travelled up to Oxford where we finally left the Thames and joined the Oxford Canal at the Sheepwash connection. This put us back on narrow locks and manually operated in stead of the big electorally operated Thames locks. That first night we moored at Kidlington after getting past all the moored boats in and around Oxford. It would seem that British Waterways are making more long term moorings and less visitor moorings, but I suppose it makes more money.

A quiet day Tuesday where we travelled for three and a half hours before mooring in the country side to dry some washing. While there two things happened, first we got a knock on the roof and when I went out it was to meet another reader of the blog, the second was a boat going past in reverse then half an hour later he came back still in reverse. When I enquired if he had a thing about going backward, I was told the reason was so they could wash both sides while it was sunny.

On Wednesday we moved on to Aynho where we had a night out at the Great Western Arms. a lovely old fashioned pub with a Skittle Ally. The brewery was Hook Norton, a new one to me. Their Old Hooky is a very nice pint if you come across it. Thursday saw us in Banbury Just before lunch so we stopped for a look round. The water front is right next to the main shopping centre(Castle Quay)with plenty of moorings. Later we moved on to moor for the night at Cropredy, a lovely village with a good few thatched cottages.

That brings us to today we are now moored at Fenny Compton after doing nine locks in five mile. This lifted us fifty foot six inches to the sumit, from now on it's all down hill. Since Saturday this is the first time I have had an Internet connection, Another Vodaphone black spot. Sorry no photo's, the Internet still playing up.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Back on the Thames.

Stayed at Sheffield Bottom all day Wednesday, then on Thursday morning we set off for Reading and the Thames. While having breakfast a small steam launch past us. The trip down was very good, moving with the flow of the river makes things easier. We arrived at Blakes lock which was maned, so we paid our £109 pounds for fifteen days on the Thames. I find the pricing works more for the Environment Agency rather than the boater. A day costs £33, so if you are prepared to dash up to Oxford in a couple of days it costs just £66, however if you want to take five days you have to pay for fifteen days. Last year when we came up the Nene we paid £10 a day so five days cost just £50. Why should the Thames be different when it is the same licensing authority.Very few boaters want to do the trip in two days, so you can see the problem. After shopping at Tesco in Reading we moored for the night at Caversham.

On Friday we moved on to Pangbourne, where we were to meet Stephen and the boys today. The weather was warm and sunny and we had a good day with the boys before heading back north. When they left to ride home on their bikes, Marlene and I went up river to Beal Park for the night

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Trouble with Toothache.

Before leaving Kintbury on Thursday i took a photo of a sign on the side of the mooring. When you read the sign on the published photo, keep in mind that the railway ran about eight yards from the mooring and is a very busy line.

Having left Kintbury we dropped down to Newbury, on the way there we saw the fire brigade dealing with a boat on fire. After mooring we went by bus to our son Stephens flat for the night. On Friday morning we returned to the boat and went down to Thatcham where we met our other son, Richard, his wife Gill and our grandson Duncan. The mooring at Thatcham was full so we had to moor alongside another boat for the first night. We stayed at Thacham on Saturday and went to Stephens for tea.

On Sunday we took the boat down to Woolhampton in the morning then walked to Douai Abbey to watch Stephens eldest son play football. In the evening our visitors want home. That evening Marlene was having trouble with a tooth. Next morning it was no better so she found a National Health Dentist in Newbury who was willing to give her an appointment that afternoon. So we caught a bus from Woolhampton to Newbury and after a short walk we found the surgery with a minute to spare before the appointed time.

I'm pleased to say this morning Marlene is much better. Leaving Woolhampton and making our way to Sheffield lock where we are now moored for the night. From here our next move will take us back to Reading and the Thames. That however may be a couple of days away. The second photo is the pub next to Newbury Lock.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Canal Rage.

Leaving Pewsey on Sunday after a late brunch we ambled along in showery conditions to the bottom of Wooton locks. Here we twined up with Steve and Tanya on their boat April Love. It was a day of seven mile and ten locks(4 up & 6 down)plus the Bruce tunnel. Some 4.2 hours later we moored at Crofton Pump House. At the last lock I got talking to a lady who reads the blog. It is nice to know I'm not writing it for nothing. The last lock took an age to fill, with only one paddle working. It seems to be a theme on this canal that only one paddle per lock works.

On Monday we agreed to twin with Steve and Tanya again. I set the lock and Marlene took Doublefracture in. As Steve was leaving the side to join us in the lock another boat tried to beat him to it. There was an exchange of words and he relented. Cutting across April Love to moor again, this caused another exchange of words. Today we did six and a half mile with thirteen locks before mooring at Hungerford. The pound between the last two locks was very low due to some trouble with the lock gates and a boat coming in the other direction. After mooring Steve and Tanya were going home for a night leaving their boat at Hungerford.

Early Tuesday morning there was a tap on the window, it was some one we had met last year, he wanted to know if we were going down the lock but we were not ready.
I must confess I could not recall him and his wife, however looking back on past blogs i found out it was Tony and Mo who we had travelled with near Chester. So if you read this Tony or Mo on Elamiah, sorry but my memory is not as good as it was. When we did set off we travelled with Geoff and his wife (another name lost in a memory lapse)on Celtic Dream down as far as Kintbury a short day for us, they carried on to Newbury. Today we are having a day off before going on to Newbury tomorrow. See you around the weekend. Pictures are of mooring and pumphouse at Crofton and mooring at Kintbury.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Devizes and Caen Hill Flight.

It was Thursday morning when we arrived in Devizes and moored at the Wharf. It had taken just over an hour to cruise from the Bridge Inn. Both Poppy and Soulmates, two boats we had travelled with over the past few days were already moored there. We had decided not to continue down the flight as time was running out and it would take us another two week to go through to Bath and back. So before lunch we took a walk to the locks. They are very impressive as we got to the top of the 16 locks of the actual flight, 29 locks altogether in two and a quarter mile. At the side of each lock in the flight is an oblong pound. The complete drop of 130ft 8ins in the 16 lock flight. The reopening was commemorated on 8th August 1990 by Her Majesty the Queen navigating through lock 43, which is now known as Queens lock.

On Friday we stayed in Devizes and looked round the town and the Canal Trust shop on the wharf. The rest of the day we spent relaxing on the boat. Today having turned round we started back toward Reading and the Thames. Our over night mooring is at Pewsey, which is very busy. On the way here we stopped and walked into the village of All Cannings, a lovely village with a mix of old thatched cottages and new build houses.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Over Grown banks.

Slipping our moorings at Great Bedwyn on Monday morning we headed for the first lock of the day. We were joined by the couple on Soulmates, we would spend the day together doing a total of ten locks. This brought us to the summit and the 502yd Bruce Tunnel, from now on the locks would be going down. We moored for the night at the first of these, Wootton top lock. The mooring was not a good one.

Dropping down the four locks of the Wootton flight on Tuesday morning,we now had no more locks until we reached Devizes and the locks leading to the sixteen locks of the Caen Hill flight. We stopped for lunch at Pewsey Wharf calling to sample the beer at the Waterfront Inn. These beers were cask ale on tap straight from the barrel. Carrying on in the afternoon we moored that evening by the Barge Inn at Honey Street, however we did not go in. From the mooring we had a good view of the white horse carved into the hill. Moored a few boats in front was a boat with the largest wind turbine we have seen on a boat.

Two hours travelling today brought us to the Bridge Inn at Horton Bridge. The morning was hard due to the over grown banks narrowing the canal to a single narrow boat width. Two or three times we had to pass boats coming the other direction as best we could. Mooring at their mooring we treated our selves to lunch and a couple of drinks. This afternoon we walked across the fields to Bishops Canning and back. Tomorrow we will arrive at Devizes.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

More Problems.

After a walk round Newbury on Thursday morning we set of to the first lock. As we arrived it was filling up with young people in kayaks. While waiting another narrow boat arrived, so when the lock was empty we locked through with them, the lady, being new to boating didn't think the lock was wide enough for two boats. As the lock was filling Marlene told me a warning light and bleep was on, when I looked at the top of the lock I found we were over heating, we moored up to allow it to cool.
Once I had topped up the system with water and anti freeze we finally left Newbury in the afternoon. The next lock up we linked up with a couple from Shefield on their boat Poppy. Traveling with them for the rest of the day we moored for the night at Kintbury.

On Friday we did the three mile and three locks to Hungerford. This is the Berkshire town where in 1987 27 year old Michael Ryan Massacred 14 people, including his mother. It is a nice town spoiled slightly by the rail bridge crossing the main street(see picture). Being Friday we found a supermarket and did some shopping.

Leaving Hungerford on Saturday we had a hard day with ten locks in five mile. It is only hard because the locks are so stiff and on most you had to empty them after you had gone up them. Three and a half hours later we found a mooring at Great Bedwyn. It was about a foot short when we tried getting in the gap, however after asking the owner of the boat Soulmates he agreed to move back slightly to let us in.
Moorings are few and far between on this canal. The banks are over grown and the water shallow at the edge, so you can't moor where you like as we do on most canals.Today being Sunday we are staying at Great Bedwyn another night, before moving on on Monday morning. Pictures are main street and the water front Hungerford.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bad day.

We left Thatcham around 10 o clock, it was fine. After the first lock,( which was the second turf sided lock on the Kennet) it started to rain. At the following swing bridge Marlene hit something rather hard and cracked the glass in the cratch.
Leaving the swing bridge the canal got very shallow. At the next lock things got a little better, although the rain got heavier. Three hours, five locks and two swing bridges later we arrived at the boat yard in Newbury where we topped up the diesel and gas. With all the river work we have used more diesel than we do on the canals. Going against the flow costs money. We are now moored opposite the boat yard and it is still raining. On our way up here we past several trees that were blocking half the canal, in other places the reeds had reduced the canal to one boat width. Then just before Newbury a boat was half under water having been burnt out.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Shortage of Good moorings.

We have been on the kennet and Avon since Saturday and are not impressed with the canal/river. Leaving Sheffield lock on Sunday we moved up to Aldermarston to pump out, however the boat yard was closed. On Monday morning we pumped out then moved through the lift bridge and lock. Mooring at the top of the lock Marlene did some washing. The mooring was a bit shallow at the edge so we used the plank. In the middle of the afternoon we suddenly tilted to an acute angle, jumping ashore I pushed the boat back into deeper water. We then decided to move to a better mooring for the night as we didn't want to wake up at an angle.

Before we moved Stephen joined us again minus the boys. At Woolhampton lift bridge and lock there is a strong currant from the left, moving into the lock took alot of power and strong rudder movement to stop being pushed into the right bank.
The moorings at the top of the lock were full so we moored at the end of the line of boats, using the plank again. In the evening Stephen went home.

This morning Marlene and I woke early at an angle and the mattress sliding of the bed. We left around 8 o clock heading for Thatcham. at the first lock Stephen arrived and sharing the locks with another boat we moved up to Thatchem, mooring on a good mooring at 10 o clock. We are staying here tonight and should have a better night.

The locks on the kennet are strange and every one different. We have had one earth sided, two with scoloped brick sides and two or three with strong currents. All are quite deep andeither have ground paddles or gate paddles, never both. The ones with gate paddles are the worst as they create strong flows until half full. we are told things get better after Newbury, lets hope it's true.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Kennet and Avon.

On Wednesday we moored at Maidenhead at a cost of £8. Had to stop there because of na tree blocking the exit to Boulter lock. I was on my own with the boys as Stephen rode to his flat. Our mooring on Thursday was at Marlow, where Marlene re-joined us. we were lucky to get a mooring, some one was leaving as we arrived. After tea Marlene and I had a night at the pub.

Moving on on Friday we went through Henley on Thames, Taking the classic photo of the bridge and the Angel Inn. Mooring at Wargrave Marlene me and the boys walked into the village but not much there. Today we finally arrived at the Kennet and Avon Canal. After replenishing supplies at Tesco we went through Reading, through the Oracle. Our mooring tonight is at Theale swing bridge, the first decent mooring on the Kennet.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Royal Windsor.

On Sunday we traveled past Sunbury and Walton on Thames finally mooring just before Chertsey. The mooring was on a grassy embankment. In the evening the boys collected blackberries and played cricket, while Marlene and I went for a walk joined by Max who ran to catch us up. While on our walk we picked even more blackberries.

First thing Monday morning we carried on as far as Staines, here Marlene caught a train to Grantham to accompany Pamela on her appointment at Peterborough Hospital. Stephen,me and the boys moved on to a mooring near Runnymede and walked up to the RAF memorial at the top of the hill. This morning after the boys had played in the near by park we left heading for Windsor. on the way Stephen took the helm while I did some washing. we were past by a large hotel boat. We seem to be attracting large boats at the moment, having locked through three locks with one on Monday. We reached Windsor at lunch time mooring on the Eton side of the river. This is the first time we have had to pay for mooring,but only six pound so not too bad. on the Windsor side is a big wheel.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

On a Rising Tide.

Since my last posting we have had a day out in London. A usual when I visit the capital I end up shattered. Taking the train from Brentford then the tube to the Natural History Museum. August is probably the wrong time to do this, however once we got in it was a very interesting day, that was Thursday.

On Friday morning Marlene did a large load of washing on the boat, then we did another load including bedding at the laundrette. We were waiting for the 4-15 tide so we could move up the Thames to Teddington which is as high as the tide goes. At 3-30 we dropped down Brentford lock and down to Thames Lock ready to go. On time we entered the lock with the NB Pendragon. The people had done the trip before, so once the lower gates opened we followed them on to the Thames on a rising tide. An hour later we were at Teddington Lock five mile up river. When we had moored up I went to buy a Licence. Due to the highest tide of the year we were unable to cross the lock to the office for the next 40mins.Once legal again we moved on to Kingston upon Thames where we moored for the Night.

This morning Marlene and I took a look round Kingston, then we slipped our moorings and did the short hop to Hampton Court Palace. Taking the last mooring we moored and had lunch. This afternoon we took a look round the grounds. Later Marlene and the boys went in the Maze. They had not been in long when the heavens opened. Outside the maze Stephen and I shelltered under umberelles, it was so heavy for so long every one of us ended up very wet. Can't beat a good English August day.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Nearly at the Thames.

We set off on Monday with Dave, Tracey and family, this would be there last day cruising. At Casssio Bridge lock they stopped for water at the top of the lock and we stopped to pump out and top up the diesel at Bridgewater Boats at the bottom of the lock. This done we all set off for Springwell Lock where they were leaving the boat. Mid-afternoon we moved on to a night mooring below the next lock.

on Tuesday we moved on to Bulls Bridge where once again we went shopping. We had intended to go into London from here on Wednesday morning, however I didn't fancy leaving the boat in that area. So on this morning we carried on to Brentford Lock where we are now moored for the night, right under the flight path for Heathrow. Tomorrow we are going into London then on Friday we will do the tidal section of the Thames. Pictures at Brentford Lock.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

boats blocking the canal.

Leaving Cosgrove we started the trip round Milton Keynes, it is a green city as advertised. Part way round we came across a boat blocking the canal. We put Stephen on board and got it to the side using the pole. Making it secure we continued on our way. It is about 13 mile round the city. Mooring for the night we discovered the tent pole had broken, so all six of us had to sleep in the boat (two had been sleeping in a small tent)a bit crowded.

On Thursday morning we stopped in Layton Buzzzard where we shopped at Tesco and bought a new tent from Argos. Today we came across another boat blocking the canal, after getting that secure we nearly lost Stephens bike of the top due to low tree branches. Moored for the night just past Church lock. A good few locks on Friday which was a house keeping day. Finally we moored at Marsworth junction. Along the way we met Dave, Tracy and family who we locked with. On Saturday we still traveling with Dave ,Tracy and family we did 20 locks in ten and a half miles, mooring for the night at Winkwell where the kids went Kayaking.

On Sunday we did 16 locks in six and a half mile through Hemel Hempstead. Mooring at bridge 74. More kayaking for the kids,a sunny evening with a bottle of red wine for me and some white for Marlene.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Two Tunnels.

Friday found us moored at Hawksbury junction again,we went for a drink at the Greyhound Inn at lunch time, to find out about taxi's for picking up the boys from Bedworth station. At 21-35 I got in the taxi and went to collect them. This done and Stephen following on the bike we returned to the boat.

Next morning after watering up we left on our journey south. Traveling for six hours we moored for the night at at the top of Hillmorton Locks. These locks are still narrow locks but have two chambers side by side. Moving on on Sunday we came to Brounston Locks, six locks rising 35ft 6 ins. Following them we arrived at our first big tunnel. Brounston Tunnel is a two way tunnel 2042yds long. Having completed this we moored at Norton Junction.

Day three we descended the seven locks of the Buckby flight dropping 63ft. On through Weedon we finally moored for the night across from the Wharf pub at Bugworth. Today we went through Gayton Junction, then on to our second tunnel at Blissworth. This tunnel is3057yds long and is also two way traffic. Emerging from the tunnel we arrived at Stke Bruerne, where we moored for a look round and lunch. This afternoon we descended the Stoke Bruerne flight a further drop of 40ft in seven locks. Tonight we are moored at Cosgrove just outside Milton Keynes. Pictures are of Stoke Bruerne.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

A night out in Brinklow.

Yesterday the Problem was still there, so I went to the office to arrange for it fixing. I was promised that somebody would come and take a look at it. At the end of the day we were still waiting. Through the day our fridge/freezer was kept going by the solar panels. In the evening though this stopped. So in the interest of saving power we walked into Brinklow for a drink at the Raven Inn. On our return our lights were very dim and the water pump struggled to work, so we went to bed.

This morning another trip to the office and finally Simon came made some checks then replaced the Alternator and belts. Now we are on our way back to Hawksbury Junction, tonight we are moored at Ansty. Tomorrow we get ready for the arrival of Stephen and the three boys. Picture tonight is the mooring at Strreton

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Charging Problems.

Left Atherstone Sunday morning, Moored at bridge 29 near the Anchor Inn(didn't go in) at lunch time. In the afternoon we went through Nuneaton, then moored at bridge 17 for the night. On Monday Pamela phoned to say her day surgery had been cancelled and they would come and see us for the day instead of Tuesday. we headed down to Hawksbury Junction to meet them. Had a nice day as we celebrated Archies second birthday.

This morning when I started the engine the warning light came on telling me the domestic batteries were not charging. After trying every thing I could, like tightening the belts it still wasn't charging, so I phoned the breakdown assistence. To cut a long story short We took the boat down to Rose Narrowboats at Stretton on the Foss. ofcourse while travelling down there it Fixed its self. Tonight we are moored near the boat yard,tomorrow if it is still alwright we will go back to Hawksbury Junction where we are meeting Stephen and his boys on Friday.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Eleven lock climb.

We left Fazeley on yesterday evening after watering up and getting rid of our rubbish. We didn't go far just through Tamworth with it's two locks, finally mooring just before Alvecote Marina. This morning we left planning to stop at Polesworth. From the start doublefracture felt sluggish,the engine seemed to be racing but we were getting nowhere. At Polesworth I decided to look in the weed hatch and there it was a large piece of plastic sacking wrapped round the prop shaft.

After removing that we made better progress, the challenge today was the flight of eleven locks at Atherstone. By the time we had done the first four it was time for lunch. after lunch we did the remaining seven locks in good time. At the top we moored for the night and walked into Atherstone (about a 10min walk) and did some shopping. Pictures are of the Flight.