Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bank Holiday Monday.

After a quiet weekend we took the bus on bank holiday Monday to Elvaston castle country park. Situated between Shardlow and Alvaston it is owned by Derbyshire County Council. The castle/house is not open to the public but the 200 acres of park land are amazing with paths to walk and a play ground for the kids. Despite it being bank holiday the weather was very warm and sunny. The bus dropped us at the end of the road down to the park, giving us a walk of about a mile to the park gates. On Monday there was a craft fair in the grounds. Among the stalls were a Cookie stall,cupcakes, jewellery,books.and curry mix stalls. Also there was Derby's Dervento Brewery with samples of their unique beers. For lunch we had a burger and a pint(Marlene had water)I was going to have a Wild boar burger but they had sold out,not fancying the Kangeroo burger I settled for Beef. After lunch we walked round the grounds before leaving to catch our bus home,after that mile walk back to the main road. As we approached the main road we watched the bus pass the end of the road,giving us a half hour wait for the next but nothing could spoil the day.

Friday, 23 August 2013

A trip to the Theatre.

Monday 12th August, we decided to take the boat out of the Marina to give it a wash. It was a bright and breezy day so we then made the decision to trip down the Trent to Nottingham. It was a good run down apart from a slight over heating again. This could be remedied by keeping the engine revs down to 1800rpm. We moored Monday night just past Beeston. Next morning we travelled the rest of the way into Nottingham,passing Jennifer and Graham on their boat Best of Friends. We hadn't seen them for over a year. Mooring opposite Sainsburys we washed the other side of the boat before checking out the Waters Edge pub,just a pint to see if we could get a meal the following day after the afternoon theatre trip. As it happens Wednesday was curry night. Our theatre trip on Wednesday afternoon was a great success. The production was Ghost the musical,it was well performed and technically brilliant but very emotional. After the performance we walked back to the Waters Edge for our curry. Marlene had a korma with rice and popperdoms, while I had Bamquet meal which included a Beef Madras,rice,chips,onion bagies,a samosa,spring roll,two nan breads and popperdoms. Both meals included a drink. Great value at £11-98. We headed back to the Trent on Thursday morning,once again passing Jennifer and Graham and once again we had the over heating problem. At Beeston we locked on to the Trent,taking it easy so as not to overheat,however since then the problem seems to have cured it's self. Our mooring Thursday night was on the Erewash where we were to meet Pamela,Archie and Amberley. They arrived in the evening,it took till eleven o clock to settle the kids in bed, where as the grown ups were shattered. Friday we all had a nice day canoeing(including marlene)with and inflatable canoe Pamela had borrowed. Pamela and Amberley went home Friday evening, while Archie stayed at the boat. It was back to the Marina on Saturday for a social meeting about the approaching residential moorings(more about that later)included was a Hog Roast bap.then back to the Erewash Sunday morning. Pamela,Nathan and Amberley came for dinner and some more canoeing. Sunday evening they went home taking Archie with them. I went to the doctors on Monday morning as I had had a cough for some time,she gave me some antibiotics and steroids and sent me for a chest x-ray. This was arranged for the next day,so instead of going down the Soar for a few days we went up to Shardlow where we could get a direct bus to the hospital in Derby. Returning to the boat I did some more painting,this time on the gunnel and down to the waterline,turning round the following day and painting the other side,returning to the Marina in the evening. Did some gardening yesterday,well sorted the pots out,moving some and refreshing the compost. Staying in the Marina for now,on the Ginger beer this weekend because of the Antibiotics. Next week getting ready for our coach trip to Scotland on the 2nd September.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Visiting time.

Hi there, I bet you thought we'd got lost in Fradley. Since the safety certificate was granted we cruised steadily down the Trent and Mersey back to our mooring at Sawley. In the lower reaches of the canal the water levels got quite low and care had to be taken not to run aground when passing on coming boats. Since getting back to the Marina we have been up to Yorkshire to visit Mum near Castleford, then up to Ripon to visit Richard( our son)Gill and grandson Duncan.then back to Mums and a meal with my sister Jennifer and husband Malcolm, who was celebrating his 65th birthday and retirement. A quick visit to see Marlene's two sisters before heading back to the boat for one night. Next day we caught the bus to Loughborough then a bus to Grantham and on to Colsterworth to visit Pamela,Nathan ,Archie and Amberley. While there we ordered a new fridge as ours had packed up working while we were up Yorkshire. We were at Pamela's for ten days before returning to the boat last Monday. Dinner Monday night was at the Plank and Leggit.The new fridge arrived on Tuesday morning,early(08-30) we then went shopping as we had nothing in to eat.the rest of the week has been quiet,giving us a chance to get our breath back.