Monday, 31 May 2010

Broken Chain.

Since my last blog we have not done very much. I feel though that I need to have a rant about inconsiderate boaters who pass moored boats far too fast. We spent a quiet day on Sunday with a good Sunday dinner and a bottle of wine.
This morning we decided to move on again, but before we left several boats (not just hire boats) went past at too higher speed which broke our mooring chain. People don't seem to realise the damage they can cause. This happens quite alot just lately. Please have some consideration for other boaters. I know that you probably are considerate, but I have to rant at some one. There I feel alot better now.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Damp day.

The traffic on the A38 never seems to stop, day and night.Came to Alrewas on Wednesday and moored just above the lock. It's been a bit cooler these last few days. we have taken the opportunity to walk some of the local footpaths. Walking around these pleasant pastures makes you appreciate how much countryside is still here despite all the building and roads.
Thursday we sat and read most of the day while the washing dried, then took a walk before our evening meal. Yesterday we took the bus into Barton, both had our hair cut then went to the Library. It's quite busy on this stretch of the canal.
Today we intended to move to Fradley Junction, however it is raining quite hard this morning so we are staying here for now. We will move this afternoon if it clears if not then we will stay and have a meal at the local pub. the forecast is better for tomorrow. It cleared up so we made the move to Fradley and had our meal in the Swan. tonight we are moored just down the Coventry canal.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Leaving Branston.

It was another hot and sunny day on Sunday. We took a walk to the park with Archie, then a walk round Branston lake. Having had our exercise we sat in the sun and had a drink before lunch. Alas, after lunch it soon got to the time for Pamela and Archie to go home. It had been a great weekend, over all too soon. While looking at the moon through our scope we got talking to a young man who was monitoring the bats in the area. Yesterday we decided to stay at Branston for one more day. Moored in front of us was a couple we had met when we were on our way to Shardlow. Eric and Gill had been on television with there boat Iduno. In the afternoon Marlene and I walked up to the top of the ridge over looking the canal and Branston. In the evening we had a great sun set.
Today we left our mooring and cruised up through Tatenhill lock to Barton Turns where we stopped below the lock to water up. Marlene phoned Richard to see how he had got on at the hospital. He had broken his foot playing football and was in plaster up to his knee. We are now moored alongside the A38 just passed Barton Marina drying our washing. We passed Mike who was moored near us in the marina, he was walking the dogs, he asked how I'd got on at the hospital, nice to see you Mike(he's a reader of the blogg). Tomorrow we intend to move on to Alrewas.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The prodical son.

As I reversed into the winding hole at Shobnal Marina it promised to be a lovely day. We cruised down to Shobnal Fields before having breakfast.It was Wednesday 19th May, the day of my hospital appointment. It was a relaxing time in the sun until 0ne thirty, time to walk over to the hospital.All went well and by five o clock we were back at the boat. At six o clock our son Stephen arrived having rode up from Reading (115 mile)on his bike with a trailer in tow.
On Thursday Marlene and i relaxed by the boat until late afternoon when we went for a walk to the top of a near by hill where we could see all Burton upon Trent below us. Mean while Stephen went for a ninety mile ride. The morning of Friday and Stephen set off for Kings Lynn to visit a friend, mean while we left Shobnal Fields heading for Branston. In the evening Pamela and Archie joined us for the weekend. Today we had a picnic at the park at the side of Branston lake. I am writing this sat in the sun by the boat. Later we will walk the short distance to the Bridge Inn for refreshments. Life is hell on the canals.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A bit of painting.

On Saturday we stayed at Willington and seeing as the weather was good I took some time to paint out some of the scratches we had collected over the last year. While I was doing that Marlene phoned British waterways about a vacant mooring at Willington, however all she got was an answer phone, Leaving a name and phone number we waited for a return call on Monday. Walking down the canal in the afternoon we had a look round Mercia Marina and checked out some generators. In the evening we walked to the Green Dragon for some light refreshment. The weather was good again on Sunday, so after buying the Sunday paper we went down to the entrance of the Marina and turned round ready to head back to Shobnal for my Hospital appointment on Wednesday. Mooring again just below Willington we sat in the sun and relaxed reading the paper. While sat there about twenty tractors passed along the road opposite, all painted and polished as if going to a show,but never found out where. in the evening we moved out into the country by bridge twenty five away from the railway line. Another nice day on Monday so we stayed where we were. In the morning I walked back into Willington for some milk, as ours had gone off. No word from BW so on Tuesday as we were heading back to Shobnal Marlene phoned them again, leaving another message on the answer phone. We are now moored out side Shobnal Marina,I have painted the scratches out on the other side of the boat today. In the morning we will turn round and go back to Shobnal park ready to walk to the hospital tomorrow afternoon. Lots of young ducks and geese around this spring.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Catching up.

Sorry its been so long since my last posting. Let me bring you up to date. We arrived in Shardlow on Saturday. having been down to Sawley to turn round,on Friday night. It was Marlene's birthday on Sunday and Pamela, Nathan and Archie came over for lunch at the New Inn. Then in the evening Stephen arrived having flown in to East Midlands Airport from Amsterdam. On Monday morning we left Shardlow heading back to Burton With Stephen on board for a few days, well I say onboard but he walked more than being on the boat. At Swarkstone lock I tied the boat a bit tight and when the lock was emptying it swung out and tightened even more causing the boat to list to an alarming angle. Luckily Marlene managed to bring it back in so I could untie it. Then at the next lock (Stenson) the same thing happened to a hire boat sharing the lock with us, scary. We Stopped for lunch then and collected more wood.
Arriving back at Burton on Tuesday we moored at Shobnal Park. The morning of Wednesday I had an appointment at Burton Hospital, arriving there I was informed that the appointment had been changed and I should have been there the day before, however I had not received the letter telling me of the change. So, now I have another appointment for next Wednesday. On Thursday Stephen went home and we turned round and headed back to Willington. We had lunch at the Mill House pub, then we moored out in the country for the night. Today we moored at Willington and took the bus into Derby. We liked Derby with it's two great market halls. The pictures are a quiet mooring in the country and The moorings and sanitary point at Burton.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Heading toward Shardlow.

For a change I walked into Branston for a paper. I don't read papers as a rule. In the afternoon we moved down the canal to Shobnal Marina, mooring up just outside opposite Marston's Brewery. On Monday walked to B&Q but couldn't decide what wood I needed. The morning of Tuesday we were brought awake by a young man on his way to school shouting wakey wakey as he rode past on his bike.
While Marlene did some washing i went back to B&Q to get the wood I needed to put a lid on our roof box. The rest of the morning we put the lid on the box, with a few problems, however by lunch we had finished. Later we moved down to Shobnal Park Mooring for the Night.
Wednesday we walked across the park to the foot bridge over the A38. Crossing this we came to Burton Hospital so Marlene could have a blood test. Afterwards we took a bus to Barton so I could pick up a Prescription. Returning to Burton to do some shopping then back to the boat for lunch.
This afternoon we moved on to Willington for the night. Tomorrow we will carry on toward Shardlow for the weekend.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Start of our summer cruise.

Last weekend we had been out for four days with Pamela, Nathan and little Archie.Also on board were their dogs Winston and Lucy. On the Friday we had gone as far as Fradley Junction, while there we met some people we knew from Fox narrow boats in March, Graham and his wife were on their boat Sorted, which they had had painted since we last saw then. While cruising up to Fradley we came across a couple we hadn't seen for four years. We had moored with them at Rushton and Diamonds on the Nene.
Saturday morning we left Fradley heading for Great Hayward, sopping for lunch at the Ash Tree between Armitage and Rugeley. On Sunday we spent the day at Shugborough Hall. The farm park was a hit with Archie, especially feeding the lambs. After a great day we left at 4 o clock cruising back toward Fradley where we moored just above the top lock for the night.
The following morning we set off back to the Marina stopping at Alrewas for lunch. Arriving back at the marina around mid afternoon we loaded up Their car and made the trip to their house where we spent Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Thursday Marlene and I returned to the boat.
What had been a lovely sunny week now turned to rain ready for the start of our summer cruise. Yesterday we left Barton Marina after filling up with diesel, the price of which had risen to £1.37 a litre for Propulsion and 89pence for heating. At a 60-40 slit this gives an average price of £1.16 a litre. Compared with the price of road diesel we still seem to be paying over the odds for our heating. We only cruised as far as Branston (getting wet in the process) before mooring for the Night. We have decided to stay here tonight even though the weather is a little better.