Sunday, 28 June 2009

Heading for the Standedge Tunnel.

Since Wednesday I have not managed to get on line. To up date you, Thursday was a quiet day walking in the Tame valley. on Friday we arrived at the junction with the Huddersfield Narrow canal. Before making the turn I decided to top up with diesel. When we got to the marina it was just a narrow channel, so I had to reverse in to the pump, however it proved more simple than I had imagined. At Dukinfield Junction we visited a museum and had lunch in their cafe. After lunch we headed up toward Stalybridge where we were to meet our son Richard his wife Gill and baby Duncan. At lock 3w we had another gate that would not open fully and we got jammed for the second time this trip. While trying to free ourselves we recieved help from a group of young men,this must prove they don't all course trouble, some can be very helpful.
on Friday night we ate at the Mill Pond Inn opposite lock 6w in the centre of Stalybridge. It was a noisy night moored in Stalybridge.
On Saturday Richard went home for work, while Gill and Duncan stayed. It proved a long afternoon cruise until we found a place to moor for the night. The trouble was very shallow edges to the canal.
Today we did the short distence to Uppermill, where we had a walk round town before doing the last two locks before the flight that will take us to Diggle and the western portal of Standedge Tunnel. We are waiting for Richard to return to pick up Gill and Duncan.
In the morning lock 24w will be unlocked(you can only go up this flight on the day you are booked to go through the tunnel) allowing us to assend and pass through the tunnel. Tomorrow is our big day.

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