Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bugsworth Basin.

On Friday we stayed in Whaley Bridge,went for a walk round town. The evening proved to be a little noisy with lots of young boys and girls walking up and down the towpath. Of course just for a laugh they knocked on the boat roof.
We woke Saturday morning to rain. Spent the morning watching Saturday kitchen. In the afternoon we went to the school fete in Whaley Bridge. After lunch we moved to Bugsworth Basin which is about a mile from Whaley Bridge on a short branch off.
Bugsworth used to be an industrial site where they shipped lime stone by narrow boat. Now it has been restored and is a very nice mooring.While the restoration was taking place they discovered a colony of water voles. These are a protected species they constructed them a new habitat at the cost of £35,000. At the side of the basin is the Navigation Inn.
Today's pictures are: Whaley Bridge Basin and a view from Bugsworth Basin.

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