Monday, 1 June 2009

Strange Boats, Strange Place names.

Five minutes after leaving our mooring we came to Barton Marina. It looked very modern, so we moored at their stop and shop mooring and went for a look. There were a selection of shops and a pub/restaurant. We were so impressed we went to the office to see if we could book a winter mooring. To our surprise we were told we could book one there and then, so we did.
On we went, at Wynchnor Bridges we finally got rid of the A38.We moored at Alrewas(pronounced Olrewus). While having our afternoon tea and coffee a strange shaped boat passed(see picture), it was so quiet it must have been electric powered. On top were two solar panels which supported this theory. We stayed at this mooring over night,anicequiet village mooring.
That was Monday,which I have written three times now but thanks to a bad signal it has taken three attempts to publish it.
Tuesday; Today Richard Gill Megan,Aaron and Duncan came to see us. We stayed at Alrewas for the day. had a walk round the village after lunch. Later we took them along the canal to the next lock so they could see how the lock works. Then Richard Gill, Megan and Duncan went home leaving Aaron with us until Saturday.
This evening we have moved up to Fradley Junction, where we went for a drink at the Swan Inn right on the junction. On the way there Aaron was helping with the lock gates, hes stronger than you'd think.

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