Sunday, 7 June 2009

Weekend Visitors.

Two and a half mile saw us moored with a great view of Shugborough Hall on Friday.It was Aarons last day with us,so we took a picnic into the grounds of the hall. The weather was kind to us and we played with a bat and ball. Just as we were getting back to the boat it started to rain.
We got up to more rain on Saturday morning. Around Lunch time Richard, Gill and the four Grandchildren arrived. It was too wet to go anywhere so the kids played games after lunch. At four o clock it was time for them to go but before they left we took the boat up through the next lock at Great Hayward. On entering the lock I discovered that my reverse was not working. This is a problem as it is my only way of stopping,I hit the top gate quite hard(well that stopped me). While the lock was filling I did some running repairs, it was a screw on the throttle lever that had come loose. From the top of the lock we went the short distance to Hayward Junction where we could top up our water and get rid of our rubbish.Before we had filled the water Richard, Gill and the kids walked back to their car and went home. We finished filling the water then set of for Weston upon Trent where my sister Jennifer and husband Malcolm were meeting us on Sunday morning. We hadn't traveled far when the engine over heated. Letting it cool we topped up with water and anti-freeze then continued on to Weston without further problem. I don't understand how we lost the engine water as I always check the level before starting the engine.
Waking Sunday morning we were surprised to see it was not raining, however before I'd cooked breakfast it was raining very heavy. At 11-15 Jennifer and Malcolm arrived. We had tea and coffee then at 0ne o clock we braved the rain and dashed to the Saracen's Head for lunch. It was a lovely meal and while we were there the rain finally stopped. Leaving the pub we took a walk round the village and later down the canal.It was nice having a weekend with visitors even if the weather let us down.

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