Thursday, 18 June 2009

End of the Macclesfield.

We arrived at the end of the Macclesfield in heavy rain. So as we came through the bridge at Marple top lock we grabbed the first mooring space we saw. It was not ideal as the banking was high and the water too shallow at the edge. That was Yesterday, today the sun is shining and we have traveled down the Peak Forest Canal to Whaley Bridge. There are no locks on this stretch but two lift bridges and two swing bridges to negotiate. Talk about scenery, it just gets better. To the left the rolling hills to the right woods and more hills. Arriving at the basin at Whaley Bridge we were a little upset to see that most of the mooring space was for long term mooring and what visitor moorings there were,(room for about eight boats) were seven day moorings. Having turned round we just managed to moor at the very end of the line of boats. It was close, however the people on the boat in front kindly moved up to give us more space. Thank you the people on Mirage. Whaley Bridge is a lovely little Peak District town with most of the amenities you might need.
Today's pictures were taken at Marple Junction


  1. Yes, I remember the tug-style boat in your last photo, that you are moored opposite. And yes, it was shallow. We saw a small boat struggling to moor up. Happy cruising.

  2. Thanks John, will do our best. Keep watching.