Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Traffic Jam.

There is a nice nature reserve at Fradley Junction, so this morning we took a walk round the Lake. We all took binoculars including Aaron. He seemed to have a great time collecting feathers and looking at rabbits and birds. When he found a duck on a nest he went very close but still used the binoculars.
After doing the chores(filling up with water, getting rid of rubbish we approached the first lock of the day. At the top of this lock we encounted a queue for the next two. It it took about an hour and a half to do all three locks leaving the junction.
One off the problems is they allow boats to moor between the locks at the junction so you have to hold the boat mid river instead of at the rivers edge.
Finally we cleared Fradley an made our way to a mooring at Rugeley,For the first time since we left David and Viviene near Market Harborough we found a large supermarket A Morrison's to be precise, The rest of the time we have been shopping in village Co-ops. Good but limited choice. We have taken no photo,s today so I've used one of our roof garden and one of some duck we saw along the way, from our picture library.


  1. Mick--

    Been enjoying the updates. Keep 'em coming, as they say! The flowers are very nice!


  2. Thanks Greg nice to get some feed back.