Thursday, 4 June 2009

Follow the leader.

Tonight we are moored at Wolseley Bridge. We left Rugeley after having a look round the town, it was market day. As we headed out into the countryside we had boats in front and behind, quite a procession. The canal got quite shallow as we approached bridge 70 and we scraped the bottom a few times and slowed down even though the engine was racing. Thought I'd picked up some rubbish on the propeller. When we stopped I went into the weed hatch stuck my hand in the water until I touched the propeller but it was clear.
Lunch was had on the canal side in the sun. We then walked to the Wolseley Centre, this is a nature area with tracks to follow. As we rounded a corner in the track we came across a giant(see picture). It was a lovely afternoon Aaron found two small lizards under a rock. Over looking a tranquil pond there was this poem on a plaque. Very appropriate I thought.

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