Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lower by 214ft and 16 locks.

Our challenge today was the Marple Flight. Sixteen locks dropping 214ft. At 09-30hr Marlene and Doublefracture entered the top lock. It was 11-55hrs when they were leaving the bottom lock. We thought that was good going. The locks on the Marple flight are all quite deep. On the way down we passed only three boats coming up the flight. At the bottom Marlene had a tricky turn into the bridge going out of the pound. We then crossed an aqueduct before going through a narrow section that used to be a tunnel. Now, however the tunnel top has been removed. That was where we pulled over and moored for the night, relaxing once again in the afternoon sun.
Here are a few pictures I took on our descent.


  1. Well done on the Marple flight. Nice pics. I see you're NOT going into Manchester. I cruised into there quite often, on the Bridgewater. Keep blogging!

  2. Thanks John,we are coming back on the Leeds and Liverpool,so will do the Bridgewater then. mick