Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Two short days.

Regretfully Monday morning meant we had to leave Bugsworth as our 48hrs were up. Reluctantly we cruised back down to the junction with the main Peak Forest canal turned right and headed back to Marple junction. Before leaving I phoned British Waterways office in Leeds and booked our passage through Standedge Tunnel on Monday 29th June. Just one week to go. We only went as far as bridge 24 before mooring for the night, the views were great. After our evening meal we went for a walk in this lovely countryside.
This morning we completed the trip to Marple and moored close to the top lock. After doing some shopping(while dodging showers) we had lunch then I washed the dust off the boat and Marlene touched up some paint work. The rest of the day we relaxed in the afternoon sun. Pictures area view from Monday nights mooring and Marple top lock.

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