Thursday, 30 July 2009

Rain, Rain and more rain.

It would seem that every day we must have our quoter of rain. This morning was no exception.While in the throws of this mornings heavy downpour when the sky was very dark the solar panel regulator showed that we were using more than they were producing. We ran the engine for an hour to compensate and heat the water.
After the downpour Richard and Gill arrived with baby Duncan,Richard took me to the local garage for some diesel. On this part of the system there seems to be a lack of boat yards that sell diesel. I can't imagine what those based here do.Perhaps someone will let me know.
This afternoon Marlene and I took a walk round some of the local footpaths around the Washlands. The sun had come out and it was warm, a nice change.
Last night Graeme finally phoned at half past seven and we walked up and met them in the local pub(I think it's called the Ferry Boat but I'm not sure). It was a very good night and very nice beer,Speckled Hen.

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