Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A long game of pool.

Moved from Ferrybridge to Whitley bridge on Monday morning. It was strange going through Knottingley and seeing it from a different angle,seems a long time since we lived there. When we got through Knottingley Luke took the helm, he's quite good when he is being sensible. In the evening Jennifer, Malcolm, Mali, Heath and Charlie came with there friend Dave to see the boat. Thanks for the eggs Mali.
This morning we carried on through Heck and Pollington, then turned right down New Junction Canal to the lift bridge at Sykehouse where we moored and had lunch. At pollington lock Marlene operated the lock while I did the boat, a first. In the afternoon we walked into the village and had a drink at The Old George, Luke and Marlene played pool. I must say it was a rather long game(Marlene won).Tonight we will stay here then turn round in the morning and head back the way we came.

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