Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Back on the Move.

We returned to the boat Sunday evening after a good family weekend ,which included a visit from our nephew David and his wife Jane. Leaving our mooring at Aspley Basin we set off down the Huddersfield Broad canal quite quickly we came to Turnbridge Loco lift bridge. Here we had to stop the traffic then lift the bridge so we could pass under. it is done by pushing buttons not winding like the lift bridges on the Peak Forest canal. This stretch of canal has a lot of duck weed, infact in places it looked like a green carpet it was so thick. Luckily this kind of weed is on the surface and didn't foul our propeller.
We soon ran into the showers that had been forecast and they were very heavy at times. The three and three quarter mile(including 9 locks) took us till lunch time. We now turned onto the Calder and Hebble with its wide locks. It was still raining when we set off after lunch, so by 17-oohrs we had had enough of being wet so we moored for the night at Shepley Bridge Marina visitor moorings.

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  1. mick wot do you know about green carpets any one would think you where a carpet fitter in a past life .... lewis