Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Stanley Ferry, at last.

Every time we make an early start something happens to slow us down. Today was no exception. All went well till we reached Greenwood flood lock. The lock had been closed by BW because of all the rain last night. It took over an hour before we could open the gates. Lunch time arrived, however we ate while we traveled.It was around 17-00 hrs before we reached Stanley Ferry visitor moorings.A long hard day. Most of the locks are in a bad state of repair,paddles stiff and big heavy gates that don't open fully. We spoke to two men who were walking on the tow path at the junction with the Dewsbury Arm, when we passed a pub further down they waved from the Garden.Pictures were taken at the junction with the Dewsbury Arm


  1. Have u seen Granny Button's Wednesday blog re Standedge tunnel photos? Interesting?

  2. Hi John sorry I took so long to answer, we have been away from the boat for a few days.
    Just looked at the photo's on Granny Buttons, very interesting. Some other good postings on there also.