Sunday, 19 July 2009

In the shadow of the Cooling Towers.

Morning arrived with more rain,although it didn't last too long. While we were eating breakfast boats started heading toward Bulholme Lock. After we had eaten, Luke and I walked down to see how low the river was. It was in amber on the scale so we decided to go to the tap and fill our water tank. Going up there Doublefracture seemed to lack power, so while the tank was filling I opened the weed hatch and put my arm into the water to find enough plastic,rope and wire to fill a bucket(see picture).
With full power restored and our water tank full we headed for the lock. At the lock we were one of three boats going down,as we were last to enter the lock we all stayed on board and the other people operated the lock. Leaving first we led the procession down the river to Ferrybridge lock. Of course arriving first it was my turn to operate the lock. It had started to rain again so we moored for the night in the shadow of the cooling towers.


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