Saturday, 4 July 2009

A weekend on land.

It proved to be a longer day than we expected on Thursday. We started well at 08-30hrs and made good progress through lock 21 to lock 12. Then we met two boaters who were stuck in lock 7 on their way up. The problem was the usual one lack of water in the pounds. I was informed they had contacted BW. We decided to have lunch while we waited to be told what BW wanted us to do. There was plenty of water flowing from where we were filling the lower pounds, so we were asked to wait two hours then we should be able to continue and pass the boat coming up just above lock eight. Before the two hours were up the boat coming up(Five ways) arrived at our lock. They had very kindly drained the pounds again to get them selves up leaving us short of water again.
It took until 16-00hrs to get water levels to a point where we could continue. In the time we were waiting we booked a mooring for the weekend at Aspley Basin, they also arranged for our Boat Safety Certificate to be done on Friday afternoon. Once we got moving again we decided to push on till we got to the Basin on Thursday night.We finally arrived at 20-30hrs tired and hungry.We had a quick meal of egg and fried potatoes, then showered and changed then went for a well earned pint at the pub next to the boatyard.
On Friday we did some cleaning and Marlene did the laundry. In the afternoon John Walker came and did our Boat Safety Certificate(it passed),he then very kindly dropped us at our Richards house where we are staying for the weekend.
Today Pamela, Nathan and Archie are also coming to Richards for the day. We are going back to the boat Monday and will continue our travels on Tuesday. The picture is Doublefracture entering lock 21 leaving Slaithwaite.

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