Saturday, 18 July 2009

Fast stream warning.

We stayed at Lemonroyd Lock on Thursday,taking a walk down the river and across the first bridge then returning up the opposite bank. Back in 1988 the open cast mine at ST Aidens breached the river bank, flooding the outcrop and causing the river to run backwards for a time. After the breach they did away with the old Kippax Lock, rerouted the river and built a new lock at Lemonroyd. Now it is hard to see where the old Kippax lock was. On Friday morning we left Lemonroyd and headed back to Castleford.As we were nearly there one of the large tankers came towards us, the bow wave caused us to bounce about a bit. As we approached the flood lock at Castleford the traffic light was at red, as I pulled to the side to see what was happening a sand barge came across my bow, passing from the river Calder into the canal section. When it had passed through the lock the light went green and I followed it through.
This morning as we walked into town we noticed that the river was high and flowing rather fast,so when we got back to the boat I walked down to Bulholme Lock to see if it was passable, Unfortunately it was too high for safe passage down the river section to Ferrybridge(see photo's). This was a problem as one of the grandchildren was coming for a few days. Looking at the river tonight with young Luke, it looks to be dropping quite quickly. Hopefully we should be able to move tomorrow or Monday.

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