Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Big Boats.

This morning Doublefracture started to move on it's mooring ropes,looking toward Bulholme lock(which is a good distance away)I saw a large tanker coming towards us. These boats are long and low in the water. The water that is pushed before them is considerable,moving the boat well before they draw level with you. A little later another large boat, this time carrying sand came up from Bulholme lock with the same effect. Meeting one while we are moving must cause us to bounce about a bit.
Changing the subject, let me say that while we have been away from the boat for the four days our solar panals have worked well. Our fridge freezer works on 240volts,even so we have still had plenty of power on our return to Doublefracture. Before getting the solar panels we dare not leave it for two nights without running the engine.

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