Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A few days visiting family.

Since my last posting on Friday we have been off the boat visiting family. We first went to our son Richards on Saturday, then we borrowed the car(our old Renault Scenic)and went down to our Daughter Pamela's as Monday was our Grandson Archie's first birthday. We had a birthday tea on Sunday when Archie's Auntie, Uncle and cousin came as well as his godfather and his wife. On Monday we went to Sacrewell Farm Park near Peterborough,Archie loved seeing all the animals. Then on Tuesday we set of back,with some trepidation as the old car was playing up. There was alot of strange noises coming from the gearbox in every gear but fourth. It is not easy trying to drive over a hundred mile in fourth but we did it except when we had to stop. Then it was a quick sprint up the gears and back into fourth,with lots of funny looks from the people around us.On the way back we called to see Marlene's two sisters in Featherstone (W/Yorks).
Today we are back on Doublefracture at Stanley Ferry waiting for a phone call from our nephew Graeme to say whether he is coming down here for a drink this evening.
Today's pictures are the Mill pond & inside the mill at the Farm Park.

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