Saturday, 1 August 2009

Wild life on the Tow path.

On Friday we had a bright start to the day,although it looked like rain quite alot it held of until late evening. While looking out of the front of the boat Marlene spotted a small animal skipping up the tow path. Shouting for me to take a look. To my surprise I saw it was a Weasel,as it approached it seemed unaware we were watching it,so I grabbed the camera and took a picture,at which point it saw me and shot into the bracken at the side of the path.
Mid afternoon we decided to move to Kings Road lock for the Night so we had less traveling on Saturday morning.At Birkwood lock we locked through with a boat from Langley Mill on the Erewash. He was heading to Keadby and a trip down the tidal Trent, once again I was told it was easier than doing the Wigan Flight on the Leeds and Liverpool.
This morning we dropped down into Castleford so we can shop and pay mother another visit. Once again it was raining.Arriving at Castleford we found the flood lock closed, so I had to get off and operate the lock instead of going straight through.

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