Friday, 24 July 2009

Returning Luke.

It was quite breezy on Wednesday morning,but was helpful when I came to turn the boat round to retrace our route back to Castleford, where we had to return Luke to his mother on Thursday. At Whitley Lock we filled our water tank then went through the lock.Our aim was to moor at Ferrybridge Wednesday night, then do the last stage up the river to Castleford on Thursday morning. As we approached the mooring and lock the lock gates opened to allow us through, however we moored just before the lock and the gates closed again. I went and spoke to the lock keeper and bought two pump out cards so we could pump out when we got to Castleford. I was told that a sand barge would be going up river at about 9=30 Thursday morning, so we decided to leave at 10-o clock. On Wednesday evening My sister Jennifer brought her grandson Charlie to see us again,and arranged to travel with us next morning,without Charlie who was still at school.
Next morning Jennifer arrived just after the sand barge had gone up river. At 10-o clock we passed through the lock as planned. About 15 minutes into our journey we passed a sand barge that was coming down river empty. Mooring in the 24hr moorings at Castleford lock we pumped out and waited for Gill to collect Luke, which she did around 3-o clock. Just after that Jennifer left to catch her train back home, While Marlene and I walked up to visit My mother once again.
This morning we got talking to the couple in the mooring next to us to discover their boat had been built at Fox narrow boats where we had started out from in May.After a quick walk into town we then set off for Stanley Ferry where we were planning to stay the night.As I write this it is a lovely sunny evening and dinner is cooking, what more can any one ask for.

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  1. Hi Mick and Marlene, sorry I didn't make the weekend date but will be seeing you for a drink on Wednesday, you wanted to know about that vase my Mum had well it's on my shop.