Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Persistent Rain (while traveling).

Today we had to move from Castleford because our 48hrs were up. I find it strange that there are no longer term moorings. On the Peak Forest canal there were 7 day moorings,and this was in a holiday area. It's a strange policy. Our move took us up the river Aire toward Leeds We then moored at the top of Lemonroyd lock(see pictures).Rain was a problem all morning,ending in me getting soaked while operating the lock. After lunch we walked into Woodlesford along Fleet Lane and returned along the canal towpath, carrying our umbrella's. Naturally the sun shone all afternoon.It is now a lovely sunny evening.


  1. Beautifully presented site with quality photos and interesting content. I shall visit again. Miles - NB Chaulden

  2. Thanks Miles I shall try to keep up the standard. Are you out on the boat, if so where abouts are you. Mick.