Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Shortage of Good moorings.

We have been on the kennet and Avon since Saturday and are not impressed with the canal/river. Leaving Sheffield lock on Sunday we moved up to Aldermarston to pump out, however the boat yard was closed. On Monday morning we pumped out then moved through the lift bridge and lock. Mooring at the top of the lock Marlene did some washing. The mooring was a bit shallow at the edge so we used the plank. In the middle of the afternoon we suddenly tilted to an acute angle, jumping ashore I pushed the boat back into deeper water. We then decided to move to a better mooring for the night as we didn't want to wake up at an angle.

Before we moved Stephen joined us again minus the boys. At Woolhampton lift bridge and lock there is a strong currant from the left, moving into the lock took alot of power and strong rudder movement to stop being pushed into the right bank.
The moorings at the top of the lock were full so we moored at the end of the line of boats, using the plank again. In the evening Stephen went home.

This morning Marlene and I woke early at an angle and the mattress sliding of the bed. We left around 8 o clock heading for Thatcham. at the first lock Stephen arrived and sharing the locks with another boat we moved up to Thatchem, mooring on a good mooring at 10 o clock. We are staying here tonight and should have a better night.

The locks on the kennet are strange and every one different. We have had one earth sided, two with scoloped brick sides and two or three with strong currents. All are quite deep andeither have ground paddles or gate paddles, never both. The ones with gate paddles are the worst as they create strong flows until half full. we are told things get better after Newbury, lets hope it's true.

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