Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nighttime Movemennt.

Another week since my last posting,Pamela and Marlene didn't return to the boat on the Monday. The scan was put off until Tuesday so I went to Pamela's and stayed till Friday. In the event everything was OK, all she needed was a course of antibiotics.

We returned in the morning of Friday after shopping on the way. After lunch Pamela and Nathan took Archie to see In the Night Garden Live in Birmingham, Marlene and I took the boat through Bedworth, past the junction with the Ashby Canal and moored for the night at bridge 16 just before Nuneaton. Yesterday we cruised through Nuneaton until we arrived at the Anchor Inn near Hartshill Quarry, bridge 29. Lunch time we had a couple of pints and a sandwich in the pub. Around 9-o clock in the evening a number of boats past with lights blazing, then again at 5-o clock this morning more boats past. It is not usual to travel in the dark so it got us wondering if they new of an unscheduled stoppage at Atherstone. With that in mind we moved on to Atherstone this morning, on arrival I checked the noticeboard but nothing to say about stoppages so we will stay over night then Marlene can see if she can see a Dentist again as her tooth is giving her pain again. Sorry no photo's today, will try to get back to normal now we are moving again.

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