Friday, 24 September 2010

From River to Canal.

On Sunday and Monday we travelled up to Oxford where we finally left the Thames and joined the Oxford Canal at the Sheepwash connection. This put us back on narrow locks and manually operated in stead of the big electorally operated Thames locks. That first night we moored at Kidlington after getting past all the moored boats in and around Oxford. It would seem that British Waterways are making more long term moorings and less visitor moorings, but I suppose it makes more money.

A quiet day Tuesday where we travelled for three and a half hours before mooring in the country side to dry some washing. While there two things happened, first we got a knock on the roof and when I went out it was to meet another reader of the blog, the second was a boat going past in reverse then half an hour later he came back still in reverse. When I enquired if he had a thing about going backward, I was told the reason was so they could wash both sides while it was sunny.

On Wednesday we moved on to Aynho where we had a night out at the Great Western Arms. a lovely old fashioned pub with a Skittle Ally. The brewery was Hook Norton, a new one to me. Their Old Hooky is a very nice pint if you come across it. Thursday saw us in Banbury Just before lunch so we stopped for a look round. The water front is right next to the main shopping centre(Castle Quay)with plenty of moorings. Later we moved on to moor for the night at Cropredy, a lovely village with a good few thatched cottages.

That brings us to today we are now moored at Fenny Compton after doing nine locks in five mile. This lifted us fifty foot six inches to the sumit, from now on it's all down hill. Since Saturday this is the first time I have had an Internet connection, Another Vodaphone black spot. Sorry no photo's, the Internet still playing up.

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