Saturday, 18 September 2010

Back on the Thames.

Stayed at Sheffield Bottom all day Wednesday, then on Thursday morning we set off for Reading and the Thames. While having breakfast a small steam launch past us. The trip down was very good, moving with the flow of the river makes things easier. We arrived at Blakes lock which was maned, so we paid our £109 pounds for fifteen days on the Thames. I find the pricing works more for the Environment Agency rather than the boater. A day costs £33, so if you are prepared to dash up to Oxford in a couple of days it costs just £66, however if you want to take five days you have to pay for fifteen days. Last year when we came up the Nene we paid £10 a day so five days cost just £50. Why should the Thames be different when it is the same licensing authority.Very few boaters want to do the trip in two days, so you can see the problem. After shopping at Tesco in Reading we moored for the night at Caversham.

On Friday we moved on to Pangbourne, where we were to meet Stephen and the boys today. The weather was warm and sunny and we had a good day with the boys before heading back north. When they left to ride home on their bikes, Marlene and I went up river to Beal Park for the night

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