Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Charging Problems.

Left Atherstone Sunday morning, Moored at bridge 29 near the Anchor Inn(didn't go in) at lunch time. In the afternoon we went through Nuneaton, then moored at bridge 17 for the night. On Monday Pamela phoned to say her day surgery had been cancelled and they would come and see us for the day instead of Tuesday. we headed down to Hawksbury Junction to meet them. Had a nice day as we celebrated Archies second birthday.

This morning when I started the engine the warning light came on telling me the domestic batteries were not charging. After trying every thing I could, like tightening the belts it still wasn't charging, so I phoned the breakdown assistence. To cut a long story short We took the boat down to Rose Narrowboats at Stretton on the Foss. ofcourse while travelling down there it Fixed its self. Tonight we are moored near the boat yard,tomorrow if it is still alwright we will go back to Hawksbury Junction where we are meeting Stephen and his boys on Friday.

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