Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Canal Rage.

Leaving Pewsey on Sunday after a late brunch we ambled along in showery conditions to the bottom of Wooton locks. Here we twined up with Steve and Tanya on their boat April Love. It was a day of seven mile and ten locks(4 up & 6 down)plus the Bruce tunnel. Some 4.2 hours later we moored at Crofton Pump House. At the last lock I got talking to a lady who reads the blog. It is nice to know I'm not writing it for nothing. The last lock took an age to fill, with only one paddle working. It seems to be a theme on this canal that only one paddle per lock works.

On Monday we agreed to twin with Steve and Tanya again. I set the lock and Marlene took Doublefracture in. As Steve was leaving the side to join us in the lock another boat tried to beat him to it. There was an exchange of words and he relented. Cutting across April Love to moor again, this caused another exchange of words. Today we did six and a half mile with thirteen locks before mooring at Hungerford. The pound between the last two locks was very low due to some trouble with the lock gates and a boat coming in the other direction. After mooring Steve and Tanya were going home for a night leaving their boat at Hungerford.

Early Tuesday morning there was a tap on the window, it was some one we had met last year, he wanted to know if we were going down the lock but we were not ready.
I must confess I could not recall him and his wife, however looking back on past blogs i found out it was Tony and Mo who we had travelled with near Chester. So if you read this Tony or Mo on Elamiah, sorry but my memory is not as good as it was. When we did set off we travelled with Geoff and his wife (another name lost in a memory lapse)on Celtic Dream down as far as Kintbury a short day for us, they carried on to Newbury. Today we are having a day off before going on to Newbury tomorrow. See you around the weekend. Pictures are of mooring and pumphouse at Crofton and mooring at Kintbury.

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