Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Two Tunnels.

Friday found us moored at Hawksbury junction again,we went for a drink at the Greyhound Inn at lunch time, to find out about taxi's for picking up the boys from Bedworth station. At 21-35 I got in the taxi and went to collect them. This done and Stephen following on the bike we returned to the boat.

Next morning after watering up we left on our journey south. Traveling for six hours we moored for the night at at the top of Hillmorton Locks. These locks are still narrow locks but have two chambers side by side. Moving on on Sunday we came to Brounston Locks, six locks rising 35ft 6 ins. Following them we arrived at our first big tunnel. Brounston Tunnel is a two way tunnel 2042yds long. Having completed this we moored at Norton Junction.

Day three we descended the seven locks of the Buckby flight dropping 63ft. On through Weedon we finally moored for the night across from the Wharf pub at Bugworth. Today we went through Gayton Junction, then on to our second tunnel at Blissworth. This tunnel is3057yds long and is also two way traffic. Emerging from the tunnel we arrived at Stke Bruerne, where we moored for a look round and lunch. This afternoon we descended the Stoke Bruerne flight a further drop of 40ft in seven locks. Tonight we are moored at Cosgrove just outside Milton Keynes. Pictures are of Stoke Bruerne.

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