Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bad day.

We left Thatcham around 10 o clock, it was fine. After the first lock,( which was the second turf sided lock on the Kennet) it started to rain. At the following swing bridge Marlene hit something rather hard and cracked the glass in the cratch.
Leaving the swing bridge the canal got very shallow. At the next lock things got a little better, although the rain got heavier. Three hours, five locks and two swing bridges later we arrived at the boat yard in Newbury where we topped up the diesel and gas. With all the river work we have used more diesel than we do on the canals. Going against the flow costs money. We are now moored opposite the boat yard and it is still raining. On our way up here we past several trees that were blocking half the canal, in other places the reeds had reduced the canal to one boat width. Then just before Newbury a boat was half under water having been burnt out.

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