Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Trouble with Toothache.

Before leaving Kintbury on Thursday i took a photo of a sign on the side of the mooring. When you read the sign on the published photo, keep in mind that the railway ran about eight yards from the mooring and is a very busy line.

Having left Kintbury we dropped down to Newbury, on the way there we saw the fire brigade dealing with a boat on fire. After mooring we went by bus to our son Stephens flat for the night. On Friday morning we returned to the boat and went down to Thatcham where we met our other son, Richard, his wife Gill and our grandson Duncan. The mooring at Thatcham was full so we had to moor alongside another boat for the first night. We stayed at Thacham on Saturday and went to Stephens for tea.

On Sunday we took the boat down to Woolhampton in the morning then walked to Douai Abbey to watch Stephens eldest son play football. In the evening our visitors want home. That evening Marlene was having trouble with a tooth. Next morning it was no better so she found a National Health Dentist in Newbury who was willing to give her an appointment that afternoon. So we caught a bus from Woolhampton to Newbury and after a short walk we found the surgery with a minute to spare before the appointed time.

I'm pleased to say this morning Marlene is much better. Leaving Woolhampton and making our way to Sheffield lock where we are now moored for the night. From here our next move will take us back to Reading and the Thames. That however may be a couple of days away. The second photo is the pub next to Newbury Lock.

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