Saturday, 9 October 2010

A week ashore.

Since my last blog we moved from Fenny Conpton to Napton bottom lock, where we moored for a week while we went to Pamela's. This is the first time we have left the boat for that long without putting it in a marina. At the end of the week we returned and Pamela and Archie came to stay. This was so Pamela could rest after a minor op to remove a lump from her tummy. On Monday the 3rd October we left Napton and moved down to Braunston, topping up with diesel on the way.

Tuesday morning we headed for the locks at Hillmorton but in the end we moored at the top of the locks, leaving the decent until Wednesday. We were just coming into the third and last lock when the heavens opened. It was short lived but we still got very wet. Mooring that night just outside Rugby at Newbold Quarry Park, staying two nights. We were having trouble with the power and suspected the leisure batteries were not holding their charge.

Passing through Newbold Tunnel on Friday morning(this is lit with Purple and green lights see picture) we called at Rose Narrow Boats at Stretton Stop and bought new batrrieds, then moved on to Ansty where I connected the new batteries, this seems to have done the trick. In the evening Nathan came to pick up Pamela Archie and Marlene as Pamela was having alot of discomfort around the op site. They went off to Peterborough hospital to have it checked out. I spent the night alone on the boat. This morning I moved down to Hawksbury Junction and moored on the seven day moorings. It seems i will be here by myself till Monday because Pamela has to have a scan, hopefully every thing will be ok and they will return to the boat.

So that brings you up to date, this is the first day I've been able to get on the Internet since Fenny Compton. Her's hoping things will get better from here.

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