Saturday, 16 May 2009

Watford Gap

Everything seems to happen in one day. Setting off this morning we soon arrived at watford locks(these are just past Watford Gap services on the M1. We reported to the lock keeper and he put us in the queue.There are seven locks in the Watford flight, of these numbers three to six are a staircase.(our first set). This means the top gate for one lock is the bottom gate of the next lock. It's all very complicated at first sight, but once you've been through a set it all seems so simple and very clever.
Our next first for this trip was Crick tunnel. This is 1528yds long and seens to go on forever. As we were going through I got a shower from the drips off the roof. Sould have wore my hat and coat.
We then moored up and went for lunch at a nice restaurant called The Edward. After lunch we walked into Crick village and went to the Primary School fete. Finally moored up out in the country. No tele tonight could not get a picture.

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