Monday, 11 May 2009

Two thirds up the Nene

Well last night I could not access the intenet,the joys of technology.
To get you upto date. We left Ferry Meadows at 08-30 hrs and went as far as Wansford station where we stopped for breakfast. After looking around the station shop we carried on. It was a warm sunny day and the wind had dropped.It was a long day but an enjoyable one. In the day we passed through nine locks without drama.At approximatly 18-00 hrs we moored at Ashton lock in a quiet back water just off the main river.
So this morning I had the job of turning round to rejoin the river. It went well considering the back water was only an inch or two wider than the length of the boat.
The wind was back today but it was still sunny, we made good progress.
At lower Barnwell lock we joined up with another boat And did the next three locks with them, they were returning to there home mooring at Titchmarsh Mill. This helped us make even better progress. So thanks to Pat and her hubby on there boat Ballinruan(hope I spelt that right).
We had thought of mooring for the night at Thrapston, however it was too early to finish for the day so we carried on to Irthlingborough at the side of Rushden and Diamonds football Club.
This is the very place where I fell in the river when we came down with the boat nearly four years ago losing my glasses and drowning my mobile phone.
Trying to be more careful this time. So days end complting eleven locks today.

Engine Hours.1047.7


  1. Hi Mick and Marlene. A friend of Steve's here from the US. First of all, congrats on your retirement and happy adventures aboard Doublefracture. I told Steve I was fascinated by the canals and the fact that you're traveling on them. He said you would appreciate a few questions so I hope you don't mind! Is narrowboating very popular? would you liken it to RV'ing in America? (or is that a bad comparison?) Are there any fees to use the canals/locks? where do you park the boat at night? And what are the dangers (if any) of the waterways? Perhaps you can answer these over time on the blog of which I look forward to readin! Thanks and happy travels! Steve W

  2. Hi there, To answer your questions, yes narrowboating is very popular,it is similar to RVing but alot slower(approx 4 mile hr).We have to pay for an annual licence plus insurance. There are places to more or any good clear banking.If there is any danger it's falling in the locks when filling. Hope that answers your questions. Thanks for your comments. Mick.