Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Leaving March

Today we finaly leave March,time to head toward the river Nene. It is nearly 4 years since we brought Doublefracture down from Northwich in Cheshire,so it's with mixed feelings that we leave. Happy to be begining our adventure, sad that we leave some good freinds behind.
We left just gone 11 o clock intending to reach Whittlesey around 2 o clock.The weather was dry and sunny with a stiff breeze. While I took the helm Marlene sat in the back cabin sewing new curtain rings on our curtains(see picture).
an uneventful trip arriving at Ashline lock at 2.15.
Having locked up we moored near the swimming pool, we will be here two nights. My next little job was to book our passage through Stanground lock on Friday at 11 o clock.

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  1. David and Jane7 May 2009 at 20:58

    Glad to see you on the way after all them years on the soil! Good idea of this blog and will keep up with you as much as we can. David & Jane xxx