Saturday, 23 May 2009

Under the flightpath.

Moved today down river to Kegworth. The mooring is just outside the flood lock
It is also under the flightpath for East Midlands Airport. It was on the approach to this Airport some years ago that an aircraft under shot the runway and hit the banking at the side of the M1 motorway.
Having moored we walked into town to replenish our supplies which were diminishing.It was very warm walking back with the shopping so we called at the Anchor for refreshment. We spent the afternoon reading in the sun.
I've just been on Google to find out more about the air crash. The aircraft was a British Midland Boing 737-400 Number G-OBME. It was on route from London Heathrow to Belfast flight 92, when it had trouble with it's engine.
There were 79 survivors, 74 serious injuries including 7 crew members and 47 people lost there lives. It happened on the 8th January 1989.
The inquiry gave the reason for the crash as Engine fan belt failure-pilot error.

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