Friday, 15 May 2009

The Buckby Flight.

Well i've just spent 15 mins trying to get on facebook, for some reason my computer dose'nt like facebook. So if I have any messages on there please don't think I'm ignoring you.
Today we have traveled up the Buckby Flight of locks to Norton Junction. As we approached the bottom lock another boat was just getting ready to do the flight, so we did the seven locks together. This makes life easier for everybody. after the first two locks we met a boat coming down the flight which ment all the locks should be ready for us to go straight into . Alas there was so much leakage they had half filled themselves, so we had to empty them again before opening the bottom gates. The couple we were doing the locks with were Shaney and Lee in there narrowboat Emjay. Thank you both for a very pleasant morning.
At Norton Junction we went separate ways. We turned right toward Crick, while they turned left to Braunston. Tonight we are moored about four mile from Crick.Tomorrow we go through the tunnel.

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