Sunday, 3 May 2009

So, here we go. No fixed abode.

Hello everyone, it is now Sunday May the 3rd and this is the first post from Doublefracture.
Thursday marked the last day that we would leave our mooring at the marina/boatyard in March, Cambridgeshire. After leaving the yard we headed into the center of March to moor up and take on a large amount of provisions from local market and Sainsburys.

We took on a full tank of diesel before we left and spent a relaxing evening walking and playing scrabble. The weather was bright and sunny. Long may that continue.

On Friday we remained in March and moved only to top up the water tank and clean the side of the boat. Before our planned departure we had had the boat lifted to allow the hull to be cleaned and inspected. This will be one job that will have to be repeated every 2/3 years as we move around.

Saturday saw Stephen our eldest son arrive for breakfast. While he went for a ride over the Fens, Marlene and I did some shopping for the Sunday roast etc. I also made a new topbox to hold the 2 folding cycles that will be our only other mode of transport during our travels. After a meal out in the Griffin Hotel we sat and watched the Snooker.

We aim to add photos and notes each day as we travel, but due to internet limitations some entries maybe combined.

Weekly Engine Hours: 1020.0

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  1. Mick--

    Congrats on the retirement and bon voyage! I'm just a wee bit jealous of your beautiful home and boat!