Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Northampton Flight.

Today we went from the river Nene to the Grand union Northampton arm.We had done three locks on the Nene, now we had seventeen on the Norhampton arm.
Locks seventeen to fifteen went fine. At lock fourteen we were met by a lady who told us her husband was grounded in the pound under the M1 motorway. One of the paddles on lock fourteen was jammed open and had drained the pound.
I managed to free the paddle using my pole, we then had to let water through from lock thirteen to refil the pound. After two or three lock fulls we had refloated her husband and got the boat into lock fourteen.
As he came out at the bottom of the lock I took Doublefracture up through the lock and into the pound. Slow going with more water being let in from lock thirteen I finally crossed the pound and into lock thirteen. From then on we started our assent of the remaining twelve. Toward the top we were caught up by a group of young men in a hire boat, they were a great help.
We finally moored near Gayton Marina where I had to remove wire and material from the propeller. An eventful day.

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